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Miami Everglades Tours

Best Miami Everglades Airboat Tours & Rides

Our authentic Everglades guided airboat tour through the grasslands of the Everglades is not to be missed! You will see the animals of the Everglades in their natural habitat. See an alligator show and take a picture with a baby gator if you wish to! Come join us for a once in a lifetime experience!

There is no better way to experience the unique and vibrant environment of the Everglades than by taking an Airboat Ride. Journey deep into nature’s mysterious wilderness aboard an airboat & come face to face with alligators & other exotic wildlife as you glide through the Everglades. Tour includes:

  • Hotel pick-ups & drop-offs from hotels in Miami Beach
  • Shared 60-minute airboat ride with Captain
  • Live gator show
From $79.99

Visit the Florida Everglades premier and most complete airboat ride attraction!

Entrance Ticket Includes:

  • Shared 30-minute air boat ride
  • Live alligator wildlife show
  • Jungle Trail access


*Transportation is not included*

From $47

Your Everglades Airboat Adventure Starts Here!

Climb aboard for an Everglades airboat ride in Miami, and go on an adventure in the Florida Everglades. Your airboat ride is guided by one of our highly-trained, experienced captains, who takes you on a thrilling ride. During your Everglades airboat tour, listen to fun facts about this impressive ecosystem while you take in the exciting sights.

You may even catch a glimpse of the wildlife as you skim across the glassy water on your adventure. Keep your eyes peeled as you cruise through the unbridled wild beauty of the Florida Everglades. Feel free to let your spirit soar as you view nature at its finest on the best Miami everglades tour!

Everglades Sights - Miami On The Water

Everglades Sightseeing

Gators are Florida’s most popular residents, however, you will also experience a variety of different wildlife in their natural habitat. You will also see frogs, snakes, and lizards – as well as some of the most plentiful and varied bird and fish populations in the entire world.

Everglades Tour Guide - Miami On The Water

Airboat Tour Guide

Your Miami airboat tour guide will get you as close to the action as is safely possible, all the while educating you and your family about everything that you are seeing along the way.

Alligator-Miami-On-THe-WaterAlligators and Crocodiles

The Everglades ecosystem provides a natural habitat for alligators and crocodiles, and it is the only place on the planet where these reptiles coexist in the wild.


Experience a one in a lifetime adventure on the best Everglades tours in Miami! See alligators, ride an airboat, see a live gator show, see lush vegetation, hold a baby alligator (for a fee), and more. Let our experienced tour guides show you the mystery and ecology of the Everglades.

Fun Facts about the Florida Everglades 

The Florida Everglades National Park is incredible, and it’s easy to see why people travel from all over the world to take an Everglades tour through the wetlands. The Everglades is incredible to see in person, with their unique vegetation and exciting wildlife. Despite the recent focus on the ecosystem, there is still much to learn about its contribution to South Florida and beyond. Here are three fascinating facts about the Everglades gleaned from park experts that may surprise you.

  1. The Everglades is a river: Believe it or not, the Everglades is a constantly moving river, which is ideal for an Everglades airboat tour. Water trickles from Lake Okeechobee to the south, forming a slow-moving river sixty miles wide and a hundred miles long. However, the “River of Grass” is much smaller than it used to be. Construction and related drainage projects have destroyed up to 50% of the wetland habitat.
  2. It is the only location on the planet where alligators and crocodiles coexist: The Everglades are home to both crocodiles and gators. Crocs are mostly found in small numbers along the ‘glades’ coast, whereas alligators prefer to stay inland, near freshwater. Despite this, the Everglades ecosystem provides a natural habitat for both, and it is the only place on the planet where these reptiles coexist in the wild.
  3. There are 9 habitats providing a home to 16 endangered or threatened species: The Florida Everglades may be complex, but it’s that complexity that makes them so spectacular. The Florida panther and alligator are just two of the endangered animals that the Everglades ecosystem protects. With nine distinct habitats, the Everglades is also home to more than 16 species of birds, a variety of mammals, reptiles, plants, and a wealth of unique flora. America’s wetlands are spectacular and a fantastic learning environment for adventurous families, photographers, and nature lovers alike.

If you want to learn more and a trip through the Everglades sounds like fun, a narrated tour could be the answer! Visit our Best Everglades Tours in Miami, featuring 60-minute airboat ride, live alligator shows and a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with Florida’s finest.

Why Choose Miami On The Water™?

Safety & Experience

Our Miami airboat rides are properly maintained, and our safe, knowledgeable captains are Coast Guard-licensed.

Alligators & Animals

Take a closer look at some of the animals that call the Florida Everglades home during our interactive Wildlife Nature Show.

Our expert guides share their experiences and discuss the unique abilities and adaptations the local wildlife use to survive in nature.

Jungle Trail

Explore Everglades National Park on Foot.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along our winding Jungle Trail. Have your camera ready to quickly capture the moment, the Everglades is teeming with exotic birds, reptiles and fish species.

Make sure to stop along the way and absorb the breathtaking views in all their splendor.


Highly Recommend

Saw some gators and had a show at the end. Boat was fun, gave us ear plugs for the fan. Didn’t get wet.

– April Rudolph
Best Everglades has to offer

Great place, awesome tours of the Everglades, guided airboat tour was great fun. Great informative show, lovely nature trail, managed to get within 3ft of a 'gator to get a quick selfie!

– Barry Evans
Everglades Rides Miami

Very informative Everglades tour in Miami. Great park to walk around. Good show commentated by a knowledgable member of staff. Saw 3 alligators as well while doing the wind boat tour. It was very exciting. Great day in the swamp area. Next time we might book their shark valley private tour.

– Carol Marsh

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