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On average, in a 1 hour session, 3 people will have time to waterski.

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$ 275

Miami Water Skiing Adventure ☀️

Glide over the turquoise waters of South Florida on our Miami Waterskiing Adventure.

This exhilarating Miami waterski water sport consists of putting on a pair of water skis and holding on to a cable while a boat tows you at full speed. It might sound crazy, but don’t worry. The boat slowly begins to sail until you are up and comfortable. Then it’s time to accelerate to full speed and feel the pure adrenaline throughout your body. In short, a complete adventure. Feel the breeze and wind on your face while enjoying the amazing ride and of course making every effort not to fall into the water. The boat captain not only keeps the boat sailing straight, but also makes certain moves to make your experience more enjoyable and to the fullest.

Water skiing is all about balance, but if you’ve never done the sport, don’t worry. Your instructor will give you directions before the ride, which will help you get up on your feet quickly.

Up to 4 people can go on the boat during the tour, and each of them will enjoy water skiing during their turn. On average 3 people will be able to water ski during the 1 hour rental.

Share this Miami Water Ski experience with your friends, family or with your partner and, together, live a great day of fun on the water.


  • 1 hour private Miami Ski Lesson
  • Experience Captain & Instructor
  • 1 private watersports boat
  • Equipment: life vests and waterskis


Wakeboarding may have supplanted water skiing in popularity, but it remains an exciting sport that was considered the pinnacle of attraction in the 1960s and ’70s.

From fixed skis for kids, to beginners who want to learn on two skis, to experienced monohis skiers who want to improve their slalom performance, we have the equipment and expertise to help you reach your goals on the water.